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World champion Titouan Perrin-Ganier crashes heavily in Indonesia

Not a successful day for the German Mountainbike Racingteam. At the World Cup in Indonesia, both French world champion Perrin-Ganier and his German teammate Nils Riecker fell.

Titouan Perrin-Ganier, multiple world champion, only three weeks ago he won his 10th French championship title and even such top-class mountain bikers make mistakes. At the World Cup in Palangkaraya, the 32-year-old fell on the start straight. There was contact with the European champion Eddy-Karoly Molnar, but Perrin-Genier refers to a normal racing situation when it comes to the question of guilt. “Yes, I was clearly ahead. However, in the event of such a fall, one cannot be solely blamed. We just race, and we do it at the absolute limit. Eddy’s front wheel probably came into contact with my pedal and then everything happened really quickly and I was in the ambulance,” says Perrin- Ganier. The world champion was treated at the clinic at the racetrack and received several stitches on his elbow and leg. “It is currently unclear how long Titouan will be out of action. With a view to the World Championships in Aalen/Germany, we will certainly not risk a hasty racing in Istanbul next week or in Belgium at the beginning of June,” commented his team boss Steffen Thum.

Things didn't go according to plan for Nils Riecker either. The strong times in the first two World Cups and his second place in Barcelona prove the Koblenz native's improving form. Nevertheless, he also had to leave the race in the quarterfinals. Riecker played poker and wanted to save energy from the rear positions, which worked well in the last races. But the German also got wedged in the peloton and had to get off the bike. “It was entirely my fault, I got stuck on the rear wheel of the competition. These are learning effects that are very bitter for me and my Racingteam. I hope I can learn from it next week in Istanbul,” said Riecker, who, unlike his teammate, did not suffer any major injuries in the fall. Nils Riecker will travel directly from Indonesia to Turkey and prepare for World Cup number 4 here. He has 5 days to regenerate before he fights again for World Cup points at the Sakarya Bike Stadium. Nils Riecker slipped to 6th place in the world rankings after his faux pas, but is not yet giving up his annual goal of being in the top 3, only 22 points behind. “My Racingteam trusts in me and my strength. The season is still long and the competitors will also make mistakes,” said the German.


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