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Mountainbike Racingteam signs world champion Perrin-Ganier

The 5-time mountain bike world champion from France Titouan Perrin-Ganier will ride for the German professional team in the future. Together with the World Cup winners Marion Fromberger and Simon Gegenheimer, the rainbow stripes should be in the Mountainbike Racingteam in the long term.

Spectacular, surprising and yet obvious, the world's strongest sprint team in the mountain bike World Cup brings the world champion into the team. In the first week of February, the German professional team Mountainbike Racingteam announced this news at its French partner Beaumont des Crayères in Épernay, Capital of Champagne. "We are very happy that the signing with Titouan worked out well. With this we clarify our intention to win in the mountain bike world cup and at the world championships. However, it also shows the great sporting and human class of our riders,” said team captain Steffen Thum at the press conference in France. Thum is certainly playing on the fact that with the overall World Cup winner 2022 Simon Gegenheimer and the world champion 2022 Titouan Perrin-Ganier, the two permanent rivals will not only fight against each other. “I had a say in signing Titouan but why should I have anything against a super strong teammate. In the end it only makes us better as Racingteam. I'm not just seeing Titouan here, Ricky Morales also won a World Championships medal. We don't have any stable orders, the Mountainbike Racingteam has to win in the end and the strongest member of our team on day X gets the backing of his teammates," says Simon Gegenheimer. There are several reasons why the German is very self-assured and sovereign about the new signing. On the one hand, it feels like he has always been a member and part of the German professional team, he also has a friendly relationship with team captain Thum, but his contract in the team was also extended by 4 more years until 2027 before the French newcomer. Thus a very sustainable foundation for a stable backbone of the professional athlete Gegenheimer. The cooperation with Perrin-Ganier should also be sustainable, but the reigning world champion was initially committed for 1 year: "Our intention is long-term, but we have to see how Titouan integrates into the team," said Thum, who added other reasons for signing the Frenchman: “The French market is also very interesting for our partners. Titouan works as an expert and editor at the TV broadcaster L'Équipe and he will be a central building block for the positioning of the Corratec brand in this very special country market," says Thum.

The world champion himself only spoke positively about his new racing team, everything went extremely professionally, but despite all the professionalism, one noticed that personal connections are not left out. “Clothing, photo shoot, press date, everything is meticulously planned in German. But afterwards there is also a team-internal glass of our celebration partner Beaumont des Crayères Champagne at the hotel bar. It's a good mix and a very relaxed atmosphere, I already feel good and I'm looking forward to the challenges we will face together in the future," said the world champion. After the release in France, Perrin-Ganier will continue to Abu Dhabi, New York and Miami. Promotional events as well as preparatory races will take place here before the UCI racing season really gets going at the end of March with the first French Cup in Marseille. In Marseille, Perrin-Ganier will be at the start together with his teammates on March 24th, 2022 for the first time in his home country.


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