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The German Simon Gegenheimer wins the Mountain Bike World Cup in Belgium

Simon Gegenheimer (GER / 32) wins the seventh UCI Mountain Bike World Cup of his career in Leuven, Belgium. With this success, the 32-year-old secured the UCI World Cup leadership jersey for his Mountainbike Racingteam from Aalen. Team colleague Marion Fromberger (GER / 20) completes the strong team performance with another podium in the third place.

A loud outcry could be heard when Simon Gegenheimer was the first to cross the finish line of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Leuven, Belgium. The mountain bike professional who lives in Aalen knows the feeling of becoming a World Cup winner, but this brought the 32-year-old exceptional athlete not only success and relief, but also a leadership jersey. With his victory in the time trial and in the sprint, the German leads the overall World Cup standings and is allowed to start next week in the white UCI leadership jersey of the World Cup best: “It went perfectly. Strategy, implementation, success. I didn't feel great this morning, but I never gave up believing in myself and the success of our Racingteam. My teammates showed at the Transalp on the long haul that we can deliver when it counts. Marion now on the women's World Cup podium and I in the leadership jersey of the World Cup. We do things differently, no question about it, but also successfully, I think that's for sure", said Simon Gegenheimer at the press conference after his victorious run.

Gegenheimer showed a performance at the street circuit in Belgium that left absolutely no question marks. Already in the time trial and qualification, the German set the fastest time on the same course, which brought him the silver medal at the World Championships in 2020. In the sprint final it was also an expression of Gegenheimer's strength. The German, who usually rides more tactically, dominated the last 1000 meters from the top. The reigning world champion Titouan Perrin-Ganier (FRA / 30) and the Dutch champion Jeroen Van Eck (NED / 28) only had to fight for the podium.

Team colleague Marion Fromberger (GER / 20) also showed a strong performance and competed with future winner Gaia Tormena (ITA / 20) for a long time. This attempt probably cost her the silver medal in the end, but it also shows her will to win and her aspiration to the future. “We rode the last 1000 meters and I had to decide whether I would be on the safe side and finish second or try to keep up with the Italian. My goal for the future is to win World Cups, even if it doesn't always work out, I'm glad I had the courage to try. This is the only way I can reach the level of my teammates in the future”, says the youngest member of the Mountainbike Racingteam. Fromberger had to let the German champion Lia Schrievers (GER / 23) pass, but with third place in the World Cup she brought home more than just a consolation prize.


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