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Champagne house enters into cycling as a partner of Racingteam

With the champagne house Beaumont des Crayères, Steffen Thum was able to win one of the most renowned houses from Épernay for his équipe. The partnership is approached with the usual style, long-term and with the integration into the overall network of the Racingteam.

Champagne is basically representative of elitist luxury, composure and a more conservative approach to issues. The mountain bike sport, on the other hand, for loud action, dynamism and youthful daring. Despite or precisely because of certain opposites, these two worlds will go together in the future. Team captain Steffen Thum sees this positive tension as the attraction of his new partner in the team portfolio: We have worked strategically and for a long time towards such a partnership with the Champagne region. But a good champagne also takes years to make. All of our projects are long-term, regardless of whether they are in the agreement or the subsequent implementation of the cooperation," says team captain Thum and he adds: “The Racingteam athletes bring top international performances, paired with joy in what they do. Here I see a great synergy with our new partner from Champagne, because quality has top priority with champagne too, the growers work with passion and dedication for a result that should bring joy to people in the end.”

If you looked closely, you could already see the emergence of this cooperation in previous years, because the mountain bike Racingteam celebrated World Cup successes in the past with Plançon champagne. At the same time, owner Jean-Noël Plançon, as President, represents the Champagne Beaumont des Crayères brand and was able to open the door to the more than 200 growers in the region around Épernay for the team. The French pilot of the Equipe Rémi Laffont also sees the development very positively and was profitably involved, not least as a French- speaking networker: “It's great what we've brought together here. 200 growers are behind the Beaumont des Crayères brand and we still have great projects in the pipeline, both globally as well as in Paris and the Champagne region itself,” says Rémi Laffont.

The Champagne house is also looking forward to join activities with the team. “We produce an alcoholic drink that you enjoy on certain occasions and at certain moments. This is exactly how we would like to present ourselves with the Racingteam. You won't find us on the racing jerseys or at the athletes' breakfast buffet. But of course we love to celebrate the athletes' successes with their guests in the VIP lounge connected to the team area. We also see great potential in the valuable network around the Racingteam. We would like to expand our distribution channels globally with this partnership and we would be delighted if our products could be found more and more among young, sporty audiences,” was the opinion of the champagne house Beaumont des Crayères on the new partnership with the mountain bike racing team.


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